Teak Outdoor Furniture Ready Stock

If you late to place order this year, no worry we always have stock all time, place order now and we will deliver fast, we just need 1-7 days depend on the Packaging that you want cause all goods is ready. And Here is the set that always ready in our warehouse and now we [...]

Primaniyarta Award 2015

PT. President Furniture, one of the winner of Primaniyarta award 2015 From Indonesia Government. What is Primaniyarta Award ? Primaniyarta Award is the greatest reward given by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to the most successful Indonesian exporters and to them who can be the role model for the other Indonesian exporters. The [...]

Outdoor Furniture from Indonesia

Outdoor furniture is important thing to be added in your outdoor area like patio or garden. If you want to look for outdoor furniture, you have to choose outdoor furniture that durable because the furniture will always get sunlight or rain so you have to make sure that it is good and high quality. Wooden [...]

The Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Patio

Sometimes you have activity in your outdoor, of course you need outdoor furniture to make your garden or yard looks better and beautiful. Choosing outdoor furniture is not an easy thing because you have to choose furniture that has high durability and quality. If you want to get the best furniture for your outdoor, you [...]

Indonesia Furniture Provides the Best Wooden Furniture

Looking for the best furniture for your house sometimes make you being confused. Today you might be look for furniture but you don’t have any inspiration to make it. Of course, it is very annoying. You need to worry because you can get the furniture you need by using indonesia furniture. This furniture made in [...]

The Best Quality Furniture for You

Wooden furniture is furniture that will make your house has artistic and traditional looking. If today you still confused to choose the best furniture, indonesia furniture is the best answer for your furniture. Indonesia is popular with its furniture that good quality and designs for tens year. The most popular wooden furniture from Indonesia is [...]

Indonesia Furniture is the Best Choice for Your Furniture

Everyone wish to get the most beautiful furniture for home. Choosing wooden furniture might be a good alternative to choose because wooden is eco friendly, classic, and traditional looking. Sometimes you get difficult when you have to choose furniture for your house such as table, seating, bedding, etc because you do not know about the [...]

Buy Teak Furniture at the Best Price

Teak furniture is the best wooden furniture to choose. If you want to look for wooden furniture that provides high quality furniture, you will better to choose teak furniture. Teak is harder than other hardwood like mahogany and pine. Because it is harder, it is more durable than other wooden furniture. You can get teak [...]

Jepara the Most Popular Indonesia Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Everyone of course loves teak furniture because the furniture is made of teak, which is high quality hardwood. In addition, the teak furniture is also long lasting so you don’t need to buy a new furniture for short term. Of course, you want to give the best furniture for your room with teak furniture. You [...]

The Best Teak Furniture from Indonesia

Today many people are interesting to use teak furniture for their outdoor or indoor room. Choosing teak furniture for your living room and dining room is a good choice because teak is very popular with its quality that durable and able to be made nice and elegant furniture. If today you are looking for teak [...]