President Furniture, PT is one of the main producers and Exporters of High Quality Teak garden furniture

President Furniture was established in 1996, as Indonesian Company. We manage all daily operations, working together with a team. Weekly 4 to 5 Containers are exported to various countries in Europe and USA also in middle east.

President Furniture is committed to be much more than just a supplier of more commodity. Attaching great value to long term relationships. We are committed to contribute to marketing, and organizational issues. As profiles of buyers are very different, from retailers to wholesalers, from specialists to traders, we spend a lot of time listening and trying to find what is really deeded.

President Furniture is very focused on quality. Every years we present more than 30 models, in different styles. Our quality team controls every item in each stage of production, and analyzed both new existing models. The combination of an original and personalized design, with reliability and a continuously high quality, guarantees high profit margin for our buyers.


*) Contact Person : Mr. Heris Nugroho,  Mr. Ponco Suhirno

*) Office and Showroom : Mambak RT02 RW03, Pakis Aji, Jepara, Central Java. Indonesia

*) Phone and Fax :  +62.291.596799

*) Mobile Phone :  +62.8122916512 (Mr. Ponco), +62.82136644483 (Mr. Harris)

*) E-mail  :

*) Website : 

*) Number of workers :  200 workers

*) Square : 18.000M2

*) Certificate : SVLK

*) Major Products for Outdoor Furniture:  Tables, chairs, Benches, bar set, steamers, Lounger and many more

*) Major Products for indoor Furniture:  colonial, antique, simple design indoor furniture.

*) Raw Material : Teak Wood

*) Award : Primaniyarta Award 2015 (Category for Potensial Exporter) 

*) Target Market: worldwide

*) Productions capacity : 20×40 feet containers  (Extendable)

*) Lead time Production : 45 days