News for someone who would like to start business in teak garden furniture

by: admin Monday, February 8th, 2010
President Stacking Set

President Stacking Set

We now the problem of people who would like to do business in teak garden furniture in the first time, in this news we will inform you a lot of good information.

1. Company
There so many company in Indonesia, specially in Jepara who produces teak garden furniture, so if you have typical not easy to trust with someone or company, you should go traveling to Jepara, Indonesia. And minimum you should stay in Jepara about 7 days. In 3 days you could see around Jepara you could visiting about 10 company. when you visiting the teak garden furniture company, you should make sure that they have Kiln Dried, that is to make sure that the company produces furniture from Dry wood maximum Moisture Content (MC) Level 12%.

2. Prices and Quality
There have cheap prices and high and also reasonable prices, the prices is depending on the quality. in Generally there have 2 kind of quality and prices, low quality is represent C grade. Since year 2000 Jepara produces C grade but look like A grade (the color uniform and looking good), but actually it’s C grade. So why it’s look like A grade? people do with treatment (chemical).  so don’t be cheated. how to know? just see the prices. usually the prices 25-30% Lower than Normal Prices. This furniture is looks good but not strong as A grade and be careful, you will got many quality problem with this . If you  come to Jepara I will explain it more. Trust us we will never cheat you with this (guaranty).

3. Lead Time Production
The best lead time production for making teak garden furniture 45 days, because to make dry the wood, minimum we have to put the wood in the OVEN (Kilnd Dried) about 2 weeks. So prepare your self to place the order long time before, this important for you to have good quality products.

4. The Model of Furniture
Please find many picture in set (teak garden furniture set) bellow

Teak garden furniture 2 seaters   sets
Teak Outdoor Furniture 4 seaters sets
Teak Outdoor Furniture 6 seaters sets
Teak Outdoor Furniture 8 seaters sets
Teak Outdoor Furniture 10 seaters sets

According from our experience all most of them are best seller for Teak outdoor furniture business.

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